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2006-2007 Countdown Uchiwa - Tegoshi Yuya

Thank you very much! (n_n)


What is it?: 2006-2007 Countdown Uchiwa - Tegoshi Yuya
Is it real?: XD Yes. Totally, 100% real and from Japan.
Is it new?: Yep! Still has its original packaging, but the plastic is slightly creased. The uchiwa is perfectly fine though. (n_n)

The Item:
Please put your email address in your comment if you want to buy it. We'll discuss the final price and confirmation via email. (n_n)
Also, you're welcome to request for the item to be put on hold for you, just in case the transaction(s) with the previous buyer(s) don't work out. (n_n)

How do I pay?: Via PayPal (GBP) or concealed cash (GBP or USD) only. (n_n) If you have any questions, go ahead and ask. (n_n)
The Price: £15 or $30
Why is that the price?: Because unfortunately since it's so hard for me to get JE goods, it costed a bit more than I'd like when I bought it in the first place. I'm really sorry. m(__)m
About paying in USD: I've put up prices in USD because some people sending concealed cash may have trouble sending in GBP. However, if you're paying by PayPal I will only accept GBP. If you're paying via concealed cash, you can pay in either. Though it would probably be cheaper converting it yourself and paying it in GBP. (n_n;;)
Concealed cash??!: I was told that this is totally safe, but just in case, please send it via a mail service that requires a signature at its destination. If you don't, that's fine too. It's not likely to be lost in the mail, but it's just to make sure. Also... Make sure you place the cash in between thick card and a NON-SEE-THROUGH envelope so that no one will know that there is cash inside.
Coins...?!: I would round it up to the nearest £ or $, but that would mean increasing the price for you, so I didn't. If you're sending concealed cash, PLEASE do not send loose change. Tape it to the card if you have to, but make sure it's not obvious that there are coins in the envelope, otherwise some mail people might end up "losing" it. m(__)m PLEASE do NOT tape paper money! XD I know you know that, but just in case. (n_n) Then again, if you want to round it up to the nearest £ or $ in paper money, then by all means. XD
What about shipping?: It won't be shipped out until I recieve the full payment. (n_n;;)
Shipping in the UK?: Shipping won't cost more than £6 in the UK. I will send it via first class mail.
Shipping outside the UK? It won't be more than £9 ($18) to those worldwide because I will send international packages via priority handling to make sure everything is safe and you get it faster. If you live outside the UK, and don't want it faster, or don't want to track it, it will only cost £6 ($12). We'll discuss shipping fees via email. Priority handling includes package tracking (so you know where it is) and some insurance. (n_n)
Why is that the price for shipping?: Because it includes packaging and so on. I wrap everything carefully and pack it carefully to avoid any damages in the shipping process. Please remember that I do my best on the shipping so any damages in the shipping will not be my responsibility. But I do take every precaution to avoid this.
WARNING: Sorry, but I'm tired of people saying that they'll buy items then disappear on me for weeks without notice. So if I don't recieve your payment (or a reason/notice/etc) a week after we agreed/settled total payment and shipping, then I will open it up again for people to buy. If you need to discuss something then I don't mind at all settling it via email. I'm not cruel or unreasonable lol. So please just let me know! (n_n;;)
Tags: news, sold, tegoshi yuya, uchiwa

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